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READ IT ALOUD AT YOUR TABLE, Keep it in a drawer with your napkins!
A  book for the Family Table, to be read aloud at gatherings, occasions, for toasts to the women in your life, and a powerful way to carry on lineage from one generation to the next for women, for men who need them, for our sons and daughters. We’ve got enough knowledge, waht we need is how to turn it into wisdom….that’s this book.
—Gina Bria, Director Hydration Foundation

A unique literary format
The authors of PIRKEI IMAHOT (The Wisdom of Mothers), Rabbi Eve Posen and Lois Shenker, are bringing to light women’s voices from all walks of life. They are also quoting several classical passages from PIRKEI AVOT (the Ethics of Our Fathers).

At the end of each chapter the authors engage the reader with specific questions pertinent to the topics the reader has just finished reading. The reader is given homework to do. I have never come across a similar literary practice. It is unique and interesting.

Our sages said: ”A wise person is the one who learns from his or her experience. The wisest person is the one who learns from somebody else’s experience.” Thanks to Rabbi Posen and Lois Shenker for sharing theirs in such a unique literary format.
-Alter Wiener, Holocaust survivor and author

My youngest son bought me this wonderful book for Mother’s Day
My youngest son bought me this wonderful book for Mother’s Day! Perfect gift! And a compliment! I love this book! I am using now to help me write my speech for my oldest grandson’s bar mitzvah next month! All great men hear the voices of their mothers and their grandmothers! . . . This is a must read for people of all religions who want to live their best life. You are reminded of the main principles of a good life: Kindness, Thoughtfulness & Consideration of others.
—Robin Lawson

From Jewish professionals

“I have just had the occasion to read the newly published book, PIRKEI IMAHOT: The Wisdom of Mothers, The Voices of Wisdom. I really enjoyed the layout of this volume and the wonderful cross section of authors. What was especially useful was the insertion of questions and the opportunity for the reader as well to reflect and write. This is a thought  provoking book that is well worth the read. I recommend it highly.”
—Steven Windmueller, Rabbi Alfred  Gottchalk Emeritus Professor, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion

“I have been a rabbi since I was ordained at JTS in 1949. During my years in the rabbinate, I have had many wonderful experiences, but this year I experienced the thrill of a lifetime with the publication of a new book, PIRKEI IMAHOT: The Wisdom of Mothers, The Voices of Women. This book was written by our Assistant Rabbi, Eve Posen, and a congregant, Lois Shenker, as a result of their one on one study of Pirkei Avot. Together they created a remarkable volume consisting of a splendid interpretation of selections from Pirkei Avot, an extensive selection of inspiring quotations from contemporary Jewish women, penetrating questions to arouse thought and discussion, and most important of all, blank pages to record the reader’s thoughts. I enjoyed this wonderul book so much that as soon as I finished reading it, I read it a second time and enjoyed it even more. I suggest you do the same. You will be glad you did.”
—Rabbi Joshua Stampfer, Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Neveh Shalom, Portland, Oregon

“To be clear, I wrote the Foreword to this book, so my opinion may be biased, but I wrote it because I love the book. PIRKEI IMAHOT brings women into the center of the discussion of Jewish text, gives women a chance to comment on that text and to share the words of wisdom which they have lived by, AND to create their own wise words for themselves, those they might assemble to talk about women and their views of the world, and those they might choose to share with their daughters.”
—Ruth Messinger, Global Ambassador, American Jewish World Service


Articles and Media

LAKE OSWEGO REVIEW – November 7, 2017
Event to share ‘Wisdom of Mothers’

An interview and overview of the book to promote the talk in Lake Oswego, OR.

OREGON JEWISH LIFE – September 29, 2017
Messenger Recounts Women’s Power

Ruth Messenger, who wrote the foreword to Pirkei Imahot, relates how her work fighting for women and women’s rights includes the need for women’s voices and wisdom to be heard.

LILITH – Fall, 2017
Read Today What You Should Do Tomorrow

Pirkei Imahot was included in the Happening section of the Fall 2017 issue of Lilith.

“TOO JEWISH” PODCAST – June 4, 2017
Download from iTunes or listen below

Rabbi Posen joins podcast host Rabbi Sam Cohon for an interview about Pirkei Imahot.

Amplifying the ‘Voices of Women’

Rabbi Eve Posen and Lois Sussman Shenker, both local authors and Southwest Portland Jewish community members, talk about their book Pirkei Imahot.

Wisdom of Mothers

This article appeared in the April issue of Oregon Jewish Life magazine and the May issue of Arizona Jewish Life magazine.

PORTLAND TRIBUNE – April 20, 2017
Two Portland authors share Jewish women’s wisdom

Pirkei Imahot, by Lois Sussman Shenker and Assistant Rabbi Eve Posen, is an update on an ancient Jewish text.


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